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Central Park has become one of Denver’s premiere planned communities over the last 20 years, and one of Denver’s most sought after places to live. From its conception, Central Park was envisioned as a community that would highlight and promote a lifestyle where residents could spend more time outside enjoying the Colorado Front Range’s beautiful weather. With regular community events, walkability, bikeability, attractive architecture, thoughtful planning, and density of parks we feel that Central Park captures the traditional appeal of a Denver neighborhood, with a modern twist.

With 12 existing sub-neighborhoods (explore the neighborhood map here) and one more still in the works (North End), Central Park has plenty to offer homeowners of all backgrounds and tastes. Easy access to parks and trails is a feature of every neighborhood, and so is thoughtful urban planning that is intended to promote a healthy, sustainable, and balanced lifestyle for its residents.

Some Additional Features That Set Central Park Apart Are:

Thoughtful Planning and Zoning -

Being a planned mixed-use development, all of Central Parks neighborhoods are thoughtfully designed with innovative zoning to promote residents’ ability to live, work, play, and socialize all in their own neighborhood.

Great Schools -

For those homeowners with children, Central Park schools rank as some of the best in Denver. Thoughtful planning means that a school is never too far away, and oftentimes within just a short walk.

Bike Lanes and Public Transit -

With miles of wide bike lanes and the University of Colorado A-Line passing right through Central Park, there are plenty of alternative options for anyone looking.

Equipped with seven pools, and six water features all intentionally located. Each of the seven pools are designed with their own, one-of-a-kind feature and a different swimmer in mind. While F-15 pool in the North End neighborhood has lap lanes, the Puddle Jumper in the Southend neighborhood features a zero entry access creating a safe space for little ones to walk out and splash around.

One of the most enjoyable features of Denver is the quality and density of parks, and Central Park neighborhoods are no exception. From smaller pocket parks with children’s playgrounds and pavilions to immense green spaces with sweeping mountain views and miles of trails like the namesake 80 Acre Central Park (located in the SouthEnd neighborhood). Then, if you head over to Central Park’s North End neighborhood you will discover: Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge - home to Bison, deer, raptors, songbirds, waterfowl, prairie dogs, coyotes, and much more. If you love to spend time outside Central Park will not disappoint.

More Attractions - Central Park is home to a diverse array of attractions including retail businesses, local shops, restaurants, bars, and much more. To name a few:

  • Shops at Northfield 

  • 29th Ave Town Center

  • Eastbridge Town Center

  • ​​Shops at Conservatory Green

  • Stanley Marketplace 

  • Dicks Sporting Goods Park 

  • Shops at Beeler Park

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